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The Most Rev. Henry J. Grimmelsman The Rev. John Aloysius Grimmelsman

First Bishop of Evansville, IN Founder and Pastor, St. Dominic Church, Delhi Township, Ohio

1890-1972 1895-1981



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Cincinnati Reds Bobbleheads



Click on the picture above for a guide to the history of Cincinnati Reds SGA bobbleheads. Includes a history of them, pictures, and the story behind each one.



My Guide to ebay Selling


Note: This guide was written in early 2008, if Im not mistaken. Some of the procedures may have changed, but Im leaving it up because many of the principles remain the same.


Ive been an ebay enthusiast since 1999. Im not a pro, but I have sold a few things on there over the years and earned a reputation as the ebay guy among friends and family. The guide below represents what I have learned over the years. It is by no means a comprehensive instruction book. Tthis is not what I think you have to do to succeed. It is what I think you should consider doing to sell successfully.


Introduction Getting Started The Selling Process Annoyances Specific Categories




The Stoopers


The story of a husband and wife team who made a living picking up discarded betting slips at horse racing tracks. Two lessons: First, there are strange ways to make money and second, check those betting slips before chucking them!




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